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Wasting: Saturn Neptune. Water: Moon. Water imbalance: Moon Saturn, Moon Neptune. Water retention: Moon, Water sign on Ascendant.

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It all depends on the ascendant, the ruler and the aspects as well what signs are involved. The Moon and the Sun are also influential. It is a complex issue. The Earth and Water signs tend to metabolic issues and retaining weight…. Taurus, Pisces, Cancer in particular…. These are yin or feminine. Usually weight gain based on astrological profile shows up when native in your 30s.

Astrologically, the First House or Ascendant or Lagna represents our body, than any other area of our life or Horoscope. Jupiter is the planet that stands for fat. In a rasi chart it tends to expand that house where it aspects. The process of breaking down any complex substance or using up the complex substance is ruled by Mars, including the breaking down of the fat in the body; whereas, the process of combining simple compounds into complex structures is ruled by Venus.


The products that are results of the Mars Processes which are usually toxins or waste products are ruled by Saturn and the body needs to get rid of it. Whereas, the end products of Venus ruled processes are ruled by Jupiter. They are stored in the body for later use. Fat is one of them. In short, dieting is nothing but a Mars ruled process resulting in a Saturn ruled by product!

So, to lose weight all you need to do is increase your Mars and Saturn energies and reduce the Mars-Jupiter energies. It is all about balancing the two sets of energies. The output of these is products ruled by Jupiter, which causes expansion and heaviness. So, here is a simple formula for weight loss:. This is all, by definition, unconscious. Line 6 - Common sense. Knowing when enough is enough. The restriction of the release of power when one does not have the strength to maintain it. The lack of restrictions that can sap one's strength.

Line 2 - Inner peace. The ability to ignore the temptation to take premature action.

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The power to be comfortable with one's rhythm. The drive for power that is constrained by the fixed rhythm.

Line 2 - Acceptance. The recognition of limitation in oneself and others leads to tolerance and the suspension of judgment. The mother which always pardons the errant child. The potential to recognize that not everyone can understand. The potential to take advantage of the lack of understanding in others.

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Line 4 - The one-track mind. This design, given Mercurial mental gifts, may though rarely succeed. A stubborn reliance on one's unique insights that demands focused mental ability to be properly conceptualized. The vanity to attempt expression without depth. Line 4 - Censorship. The alteration of memory through elimination. The power of the ego maintained through forgetting. The power of the ego maintained through selective memory. Line 6 - Yielding. Waiting is never free from pressure, physical or mental and is often punctuated by the unexpected.

Accepting that in one's fixed rhythm despite the pressures, growth will be empowered, and often through the unexpected. No polarity. Line 4 - The wallflower. Modesty as a shield against exposure of inadequacy. The uncomfortableness of the Self when it is out of the flow. Extremism that keeps the Self out of the flow. Line 6 - Purpose. The energy to maintain the family is enhanced by recognizing its values.. The possibility of extending friendships through the appreciation of its value.

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The need for diversity that despite appreciation will prefer casual friendships. Line 6 - Nostalgia. The logic of leaving old doubts behind. Illogic and the potential obsession with old suspicions and doubt.

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Line 2 - Ambition. Realizing that to be busy is mentally healthy.

The inability to sense when and which activity is healthy. Line 1 - Patience. The depth necessary to bring into form an individual insight. Working on a list of what we wish to manifest during the coming year can help us with clarity and focusing on what is really important to us.

To further get the energy out to Universe, a vision or dream board is a remarkable tool that helps focus your desires as you invest your time in visualizing your goals. Visualization is second only to actually performing the action. When you visualize yourself experiencing a situation, your brain instructs your body for that realism. If you would like more info on vision boards check my web site for details on an upcoming Vision Board Workshop by Susan Cammus.

Capricorn Old relationships end and new ones will soon form. This is a year of expansion and the pressure is on Aquarius The month may start with the feeling of not being free to honor your inner most goals. It is Universes way of reminding you to finish up unfinished business Pisces New opportunity and uncharted waters great you Taurus New and exciting projects inspire you to go the extra mile Gemini Relationships take a serious turn with long awaited commitments at hand Bypass those that bring negativity. Cancer Stay focused and trust your intuition Both invited and unexpected guests can drain your energy Spend extra time with children or young people for a fresh new outlook.

Virgo Major Life changes are swirling above your head Scorpio Stand up for what you believe in, even if it is not the popular opinion It is also the feast of Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fire, hearth. She is known by many names, including that of Saint Brigid who is, perhaps, the most powerful religious figure in Irish history.

February 18 - Presidents Day- Get to know one of our early presidents by reading or watching a documentary on his life. February 19 - Full Moon in Virgo- Organize and bring order to your magical practices, tools and writings. Clarity will found. For many years I have hosted an annual tea party complete with scones, tiny crust less sandwiches and pots of tea served in pretty china cups.

A different theme each year like the Mad Hatters tea, Wizard of Oz tea, or Valentines Tea, the girls are always excited to see what surprises the evening will hold and perfect way to get together and catch up. At times my granddaughters- Kayla and Olivia join us, which makes me happy because not only do we get to spend time together, but they are learning about their heritage and how their ancestors have passed along a tradition. We are all on over load At tea you feel pampered and relaxed. It gives us a chance to vent and share and laugh and recharge our batteries and connect. A little TLC does a body good.

My friends Donna and Janine and I are notorious for quietly rating each experience. For me the biggest mistake an establishment can make is not serving loose tea. It distracts from the whole ambience to see a tea tag hanging from a pot.

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Our favorite places deserve a mention You enter into a small yet charming boutique of tea paraphernalia, gift shop items and cards and of course teas. You will then be seated in a cozy separate room with elegantly set tables with lovely china pieces, linen tablecloths and napkins. The wait staff are friendly and knowledge and happy to share their tea-expertise. Prior to taking your order they will not only explain the featured tea of the day but pass around a small glass dish of its leaves for you to see and smell.

When your pot of tea arrives at your table, your server will pour into a strainer that rests on your cup. You are truly treated as if you are an important guest in their home. The food is great, the scones fresh and warm and they offer a gluten free menu. Even the flower and fruit garnish on each plate lets you know they care to give you full treatment. You can sit and nosh and chat without feeling you are being rushed out.

moonwater tarot taurus january 2020 Moonwater tarot taurus january 2020
moonwater tarot taurus january 2020 Moonwater tarot taurus january 2020
moonwater tarot taurus january 2020 Moonwater tarot taurus january 2020
moonwater tarot taurus january 2020 Moonwater tarot taurus january 2020
moonwater tarot taurus january 2020 Moonwater tarot taurus january 2020
moonwater tarot taurus january 2020 Moonwater tarot taurus january 2020

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