January 11 weekly horoscope

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On Tuesday and Wednesday, fantastic work aspects could mean an unexpected promotion or raise. Think strategically about how you could do things differently for even greater success!

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Misunderstandings could flare up with colleagues on Thursday so be cautious. Go out of your comfort zone, because you don't know where something can take you.

January 11 Birthday Horoscope

Assertive Mars moves into Pisces on Monday and will ignite some of your deepest passions. Sensual Venus and communicative Mercury, both in your zone of relationships, make a gorgeous sextile to rebellious Uranus, so be adventurous in love. If a new person who isn't your usual type catches your eye, just go for it. But take it easy Thursday when tense aspects spell miscommunication. Spirit Celeb Kylie Jenner is surrounded by love.


Determined Mars moves into your zone of partnerships Monday and will bring you lots of new opportunities to meet people, in work and in love! If you are single, you should definitely be out and about in the next few weeks. On Tuesday and Wednesday you could find yourself attracted to someone unexpectedly at work.

This could be the real deal. Thursday is a bit of a tricky day when your responsibilities could clash with your desires. Consider if it's worth breaking with the past and starting a new chapter. But make sure you're not just thinking about creating those collabs in the workplace — remember to think about your love life, as well!

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On Monday, active Mars moves into Pisces, and will encourage you to kick up your fitness and health game. You know how much better you feel when you are taking good care of yourself, so make it a priority.

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But the real fireworks fly on Tuesday and Wednesday when your ruler, sensual Venus, gets some positive vibes from radical Uranus in your relationship zone. Expect positive changes in your existing relationship, or you could meet someone who piques your curiosity in a big way. Drama could arrive on Thursday so be cautious in oversharing with acquaintances or colleagues. Fitness and health will be a priority of yours this week, so enjoy the way it makes you feel.

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On Monday, your co-ruler, assertive Mars, moves into Pisces and kicks off a few weeks of fun and flirtation. Even if you have been together for ages, your love can feel fresh and playful again.

The planets support innovative updates that will make your life easier — and more stylish. You could get into a battle of the wills Thursday, especially regarding money. Consider if a fight is truly worth your energy since it will likely blow over soon. The trick is to decide if something is really worth it to pursue or if it's just another fun idea that should remain just that. On Monday, active Mars moves into your home zone and you will go into major nesting mode.

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This is also a great time to do home DIY projects or redecorate, so check out the sales at your favorite stores. Tuesday and Wednesday are fabulous days to socialize and have fun, but too many options could distract you so only say yes if you really mean it. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Astrology. Peep Your Horoscope for This Week. Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend. Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope.

If you want it to be. The only important thing is for their work to be truly creative and ignite their passion. If it does, there will be nothing left standing in the way of their personal evolution. Those born on January 11th are in search for their direction in life and have a purpose to find meaning in all things.

In time, it becomes clear that the structure of conflict and troubled ego make them excellent mediators, divorce lawyers of therapists, and those who help two battling sides to get out of war. They have a lot of good to do, being different and yet always finding ways to fit into society through a warm, one on one approach. Even though January 11th still belongs to the sign of Capricorn, those born on this day are full of surprises and find it easy to fall in love. They will stumble across platonic relationship all the way through puberty and their twenties. Still, they find it difficult to settle for one partner, even though they can see it as natural to have long-term relationships with an obvious expiration date.

With such a strong will and well-defined nature, they are in search for strong individuals who have something to say, but weakness of any kind, or what they perceive as weakness, will drive them away from anyone they come close to. The main issue they need to deal with is to accept emotional, sensitive sides to themselves and those they choose to be with. True intimacy will be reached only when they embrace a tender inner feel of closeness.

January 11th born seem to have a special task to connect all sorts of oppositions into one, shared solution. They need to find their place and changing and balancing the dynamic for entire groups of people and teams that need to get along. They will do well as teachers in any schooling system, including ones with conflicted employees or troubled children.

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  8. They can excel in teambuilding, as HRs in search for those who fit a group, or an entire company, and have a way of recognizing different personalities and put them in a place that feels good for them, and everyone around them. When searching for a suitable crystal for those born on the 11th of January, we must take the importance of the sign of Capricorn in consideration and everything their crown chakra is trying to reach for in the higher realms.

    Golden Healer Quartz seems to be the perfect choice, as it allows the golden light of the Universal Life Force to flow into the body through the crown chakra and spread, clearing blockages and imbalances of all kinds. In search for a birthday present for those born on this date, we can always rely on creativity and the element of surprise. Joy will be brought to them even with the simplest of things, for as long as they shake their world a little and take them out of their routine. Everything from a magic wand to a captain's hat will come in handy, for as long as it speaks of their ability to rule and stay in control of the situation.

    Still, they will always surprise you and it is always best to go with your gut feeling, telling you everything you need to know about their true personality. There is enough experience and knowledge in these individuals to take them a long way. Standing out, unhappy about their place in the world, they can find where everyone belongs but themselves.

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    January 11 weekly horoscope

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