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Certainly, the call asking for medicine would have vexed the police personnel on duty, who would have thought it was a prank call. But luckily for him he called up in the presence of the lady guard. The moment she heard him, the lady snatched the phone and somehow explained the mix-up to the police. Not stopping at this, she fearfully ran to the doctor on duty.

Fortunately, the police personnel took the incident in good humour and the embarrassed gentleman was led away to Room No No one can actually guess what a journalist would be doing at any moment. Taken aback by this message, our colleague replied asking her if she was dealing with any problem.

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Imagining possible situations the friend might be in, our colleague decided to alert the police about her. However, before he could call the police, his friend messaged him, informing that she was doing a crime-based news story and had gone to a scene along with the police team.


Heavily relieved, our colleague berrated his friend, stating that news stories were meant to make one aware but could end up scaring us too. Representational image Photo: Getty Images. Wrong number? Related Articles. Court dismisses octogenarian's plea for treatment of son.

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  • But the odds would be hopelessly against us, and life would be truly malevolent, if there were only one joyful relationship. A successful relationship between a man and a woman rests on fundamental similarities between them, and on complementary difference. Harmony in love requires a partner with whom we enjoy essential affinities in values and in basic outlook on life. But the excitement we also hope to find requires that there be some difference in personality development, in skills, in style of being and doing complementary differences, obviously, not antagonistic ones.

    This special combination is necessary to make two people right for each other.

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    Sometimes the problems are established in a marriage life. And marriage relation is stands on ending positions. In these types of problem you contact with the Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer. His solve your all problems which are established in your life. So if you surfing the problem and want the solutions of problem then contact with the Love Marriage Specialist.

    His provide the complete solutions related to your problem. He provide you full satisfaction of your problems.

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    Love is the symbol of trust and purity. Marriage means the relation is lawful identifying the combination of men and women as life partner. When two mortal have a strong feeling of affection and they want to spend their whole life together. You can say, they want to convert their love in the form of marriage.

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    But every coin has two sides that one is favorable and other is unfavorable. Sometimes the parents are agreeing for love marriage and some time they disappointed and not grant.

    You need a help of specialist. Love Marriage Specialist have the remedies for your parents and marriage.

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    He has proficiency of astrological science like puja, human and hawan. Occasionally the kundli have some fault in marriage house that create obstacles in your marriage but everything is feasible in this world. If Venus with Saturn or whether cruel, so man have several intimate relationship with women. These relationships do not live long mellow. The end is bitter. If Venus joint or cruel rahu situation is excellent or there are many other strong sum of love marriage, so love match must be solemnized.

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