March 8 sagittarius horoscope

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No matter how it played out, has been one wild ride for the Archers! With expansive Jupiter in your sign all year, you kicked off a fresh year chapter of your life.

Today’s Horoscope : Tuesday, 3 December

Focus on that mission and build, build, build. Jupiter in your second house of productivity and profit is a year to hustle and lay down some bricks. What will bring the most ROI for your time, money and energy investment? Jupiter was last in Capricorn from December 19, , to January 5, Scroll back to that era, and you may see some repeating themes. Did you change jobs or shift career paths? Was it a prosperous year or a time when you got into a stable relationship? Did you discover the adventure and joy in the simple things or ways that security could also set you free?

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It makes sense! With this dynamic duo in earth signs, your material world is up for an exciting shift.

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Ready to revolutionize your work processes, blast into a new pay grade or revitalize health kick? Jupiter and Uranus are the two most liberated planets, and their joint campaign for freedom could catapult you far outside ANY boxes. Wear protective gear today, because that glass ceiling is about to be shattered, hardcore!

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  • Obstacles: out of the way! The Jupiter-Uranus trine arrives in the wake of the December 12 Gemini full moon, which lands in your partnership house. This full moon is the culmination of events sparked at the June 3 Gemini new moon and that have been building to this crescendo all summer and fall.

    Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 8th March 2018

    Stay open. With a Mars-Neptune trine in your serendipity sectors on December 13, the universe is definitely operating on your behalf. Forcing an outcome will be a mistake. That said, you should also consider where your own stubbornness is the culprit. Are YOU the reason for blocks or uphill battles?

    Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

    Try to step back—the illuminating full moon will help! The middle of December is THE moment to clean up messes with other people and pivot into more effective ways of communicating your needs.

    The moon is in Aries today.

    Talk about a Sea Goat Summit! You should get pretty clear-eyed about your resolutions in short order.

    Sagittarius Horoscope: March 8, - uInterview

    On Christmas, the moon moves into Capricorn, too, culminating in a solar eclipse on December Talk about a powerful note to close out the decade! Expect it to peek out as the year draws to a close. On December 27, the Sun and auspicious Jupiter make their once-a-year meetup, which some astrologers consider the luckiest day of the year. Are you expressing your highest potential…and getting paid accordingly?

    The multi-car Capricorn train continues chugging along as the calendar turns. If there was ever a moment for a luxurious celebration where you dress in your finest—or just enjoy a simple, grounding ritual and set some powerful intentions—this is it. Your second house rules the five senses, so delight all of yours with great music, tantalizing tapas, an unforgettable outing and indulgence on every level.

    There will be work to do in the new year—lots of it—so get your playtime in before the ball drops at midnight…and everything else starts going up! Just in time for the holidays, the love planet holds a private conference with stable Saturn in your grounded second house.

    Birthday Compatibility & Zodiac Horoscope 12222

    Of course, such thoughts will not be accidental and they will be provoked by specific events in the last days. Today you will be performing your tasks with greater anxiety, tension or feelings of unstability. Conflicts in the family where they occur will be the result of tricks, intrigues, lies and other wrongdoing.

    Today will be a good day for you to work, especially if your activity is focused on women or if you are working in a team with women. We are all born with psychic ability, but over time, our left brain takes over from the intuitive right brain and we lose our confidence in these abilities and our familiarity with them.


    They can be used anywhere, at any time, and are particularly nice entertaining with relatives, friends and etc. Practice as often as you can and before you know it, you will be more psychic than you ever imagined. You will be amazed at the accuracy of your readings.

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