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They are introverted and completely self-dependent. They often take up a responsible position in which they enjoy the trust of others. It will most likely be an official white collar position. They have various life ideas, full of hope and trust that they will one day come to life. Systematic work can help them overcome melancholy attacks they struggle with.

What should they care for. For exchanging opinions and thoughts with other people. Although they themselves struggle to put their goals to life with great dedication and diligence — due to their one-sidedness — they are not able to appreciate the efforts of others and can act reluctantly or unkindly towards them.


What should they strive for. They should diligently study their own character, get to know its weaknesses and work to improve them.

When they awaken internally and develop spiritually — they become a tireless spirit worker. So they should avoid looking down i. They are difficult to move from the apathy they often succumb to due to purely material experiences.

When they start to rise, however, they can achieve great heights of spiritual development. If your birthday is on January 2 your zodiac sign is Capricorn. SP: Inveroak.

Daily horoscope for Wednesday, January 2, 12222

You are ready to take charge of a group of relatives who are keen to work on a home project but need your organisation skills and tact. The person with the most dreadful chat-up lines is actually the most passionate and loyal lover.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Taking a realistic look at love instead of expecting perfection in a partner marks the moment when relationships start to make you truly happy. The full moon helps ambitions by bringing out your gift for handling bosses and all kinds of officials. Innovative planets bring inspiring changes at work and you are ready to show what you can really do. Venus lights your communication zone and you discover how good it is to find love with someone you can really talk to.

Andi asks is your Birthday January 2nd...

You learn from the past without letting it hold you back, while the ideas and ambitions that fill your mind are bold but achievable. If you are single, what starts as a conversation about setting up a business of your own sparks a mutual attraction.

January 2 Zodiac

The full moon shines on your job chart and you are going to surprise people, yourself included, with your determination to succeed. Saying yes to a challenge that means getting fitter than ever can also bring a new love into your life. A full moon inspires you to be creative, while music and comedy can be part of your personal success story.

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Mystic Meg. In your love life, you see who you can really depend on — and it could be quite a surprise.

january 2 horoscope January 2 horoscope
january 2 horoscope January 2 horoscope
january 2 horoscope January 2 horoscope
january 2 horoscope January 2 horoscope
january 2 horoscope January 2 horoscope

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